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Letter #


David Krzesiwo




Home with family but parents and sisters are gone, small, gray, old, and young, poor, and rich. L.D only letter

Full Translation

My dear sister Sala, To begin with, I want you to know that my husband, David, and all of the children are home. It’s been such a wedding: everyone has been ordered to go, small, gray, old and young, the poor and the rich. Many children saw their parents go…and dear Sala…our parents, your two sisters, Blima and Raizel, have gone to a camp together. If only I had their first postcard already! I’ll write you as soon as I have it. Dear Sala, they say that Blima and Raizel went to a camp at Neusalz near Gruschwitz. We are fine, everyone is well, little Salusia, too. Dear sister Sala, don’t worry about our dear parents. They are not alone and you are not aIone either. There are many, many people [with them]. Mr. B’s wife sent away all of her children and she’s on her own now. Stay well. Warm regards, Laya Dina and David Krzesiwo

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