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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




A celebratory note, Raizel writes that she and her parents were overjoyed to receive five postcards from Sala in the same day. She continues that Blima is pleged to be engaged to a man of which Raizel writes, "the face was nothing special just like all men." She concludes with a Mazel Tove that Sala and Ala and reconciled, and requests for Sala to avoid future misunderstandings with Ala "because that caused a lot of anguish."

Full Translation

Dear Sala! Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov! It’s 9:30 in the morning. I’m going out to the street. The postman is on his rounds. He comes down the street from No. 9. I go toward him. My heart tells me that he may have something for us. I resist going to the street, I have to wait, I can’t be foolish. But as he comes closer to our house, he has already noticed me. What a surprise, two postcards at once. Imagine what that means to us. I took them with me to read.. Finally, I came home, and what do you think? Mother comes toward me carrying a card, also from you, so we have three cards all together! What a great holiday it is today! We are cheered and happy when we get mail with good news from you. Even better, you are reconciled with Ala, and we wish you good luck. But my wishes for mazel tov are not about that! Blima is engaged, actually only a pledge, but it was important enough that I couldn’t hold back from writing you: I want you to dance as much as you want, be happy and content. But wait, do you think you are rid of me? Oh no! Not yet. I have to tell you everything exactly as it happened. On Thursday afternoon, Blima hears from the matchmaker. What’s going on, we ask her? The suitor has come! In the evening, Blima comes in with “Goldberg,” an engaging and nice enough fellow. Nu, the face was nothing special, just like all men. On Friday, we asked her if this meant a pledge, but she didn’t want to answer yes. Meanwhile, I don’t know why, but he didn’t come to visit. On Sunday morning, the matchmaker comes again, and now the in-laws are asking to meet. Father actually goes there, taking our brother Moshe David with him. Don’t be mad at me, you are probably impatient already, but you have to know everything exactly, so I must tell you…. [Goldberg’s father] said, I ask you for nothing more than one thing: a pledge. I like the bride, the rest is not important, not money, not furniture. I know that she is your child, and if you had more, you would offer it on your own. Imagine, father comes home, mother goes for flour, Blima for honey cake and our brother-in-law David for a bottle, and in one hour the pledge was given by the groom. People praise him very much. Everything will be good if only they are happy. Nu, you are saying now, enough, right? But now we have another great joy: you and Ala have reconciled. You can’t imagine how happy we were to hear that. Thank God that I wrote a letter to her and explained that it wasn’t your fault. Remember not to have any more misunderstanding between you. You have to excuse me: at this moment I’m in a tumult. But it will pass. We will send you the photograph of our dear parents. I end with the warmest greetings and kisses for you from everyone. Raizel 419

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