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Raizel Garncarz




In this long letter, Raizel mentions that their mother has finally recovered from her sickness, but that they were all depressed to hear that Sala will not be able to return home for a vacation. She writes at length that Sala should be grateful for her relationship with Ala, and that she should accommodate her in every way. Raizel also mentions that a P. Bialsgorska visited and apparently "carries a lot of animosity toward [Sala] and Ala," and that "she's waiting for the moment to take her revenge..." She does not describe the nature of the matter, however. MIGHT belong with 418.

Full Translation

Dear Sala! What a surprise, how totally unexpected -- and then, the doll! I was, as usual, visiting Laya Dina and someone told me that a young girl was at our home and brought this package for us. I’m going to try and give you a lot of reading to do! I will convey everything exactly and clearly, so that you will think you are at home. The most important thing at the moment for you and for all of us is that dear mother is better, she already has gotten out of bed for the second time, a miracle for us. [We had a visitor] who told us about you and Ala, that she is everything for you in that strange place, and that means so much to us. Therefore, on behalf of dear mother, be more obedient, don’t do anything to upset her, show your appreciation, because it is very bad when one is forced to be away from one’s home, unprotected and far from all that is familiar. So hold on to [Ala] and guard her like the apple of your eye, because she is a treasure for you. Remember, listen to her. Don’t do anything to aggravate her… Salusia plays with her baby doll very carefully: she’s afraid to disturb it. She asked me to thank you. And please thank the Pachta family for sending it. Even more thanks to them from dear mother for their conscientious supervision, and best regards to them from us all. May God repay them for their care of you. Raizel

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