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Raizel Garncarz




You alone know how best to spend your time, we have a "half life" no matzo, only for privileged folks, not like us. Thanks for money you sent, mother asks for forgiveness for not sending matzo, don't cry.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, We haven’t sent you any matzos. No, I couldn’t express it in words if I took half a lifetime. Dear Sala, we beg you a thousand times for forgiveness, but we’re not going to have any matzos either. There is no possibility that we will get any. Maybe you’re surprised that [some people] received some... Not everyone, you understand, can afford them. The [privileged folks] can afford to buy them, but we don’t belong to [that class]... Don’t misunderstand, dear Sala, you sent us very little [money]and we know very well that you can’t help us more. It is very nice of you, only one would like to receive something. hank God that we are healthy. We’ve thanked God more than once [though it seems to make no difference] and that says a lot… Remember, don’t worry, everything is fine with us. One can’t look particularly good either, [how can we]? You’re asking if our dear Mom still looks as she used to. You’re asking that we write often, I can do this to please you. Then I hope that I’ll have only good news to report….[Our brother, Moshe David] may be your guest, if not, I’ll write you. Right now we’re sitting together [with another family] and we talk about having Yom Kippur on Passover. Now I’m ending with a thousand kisses and greetings from me… Give kind regards to Chaim Kaufman and [cousin] Abram. [Happy holiday] especially on behalf of our dear mother, who has completely cried her eyes out and asks for forgiveness that she hasn’t sent you any [food]. Remember, don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry! Raizel 417

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