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Raizel Garncarz




One must always consider advice from father mother sister as correct, be obedient, friend are only on the surface. Don't worry about us.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Well, now we’re already in ’42, how time goes by! You are right, Sala, about the passing of time. It’s amazing that you’re finally realizing this -- and now you want to know how to live your life. Truly, one must always accept as correct the advice of a father, a mother or a sister, and be obedient. As time goes by, it can never be recovered. But you shouldn’t reproach yourself: spend the time happily, without worry, don’t let your thoughts stray to anything that will be distressing. Finally, you have come to realize that only your parents are fully devoted to you; friends are only so on the surface. It’s true that we don’t help you at all, we can’t send you any packages, but our thoughts, our thoughts are always with you. Raizel

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