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Letter #


Ala Gertner




A year ago, we were together, I thought you would be out. Tells her to send form for seamstress. You signed up voluntarily in your sister's stead….i kiss you on the mouth.

Full Translation

Beautiful little girl, Now it’s “December ‘41” again. A year ago, we were together. Do you remember the plans we made? I thought you would be released from your service, but since I had my doubts, I started my own initiatives on your behalf. I’ll have no problems with you! Let me know if you have “seamstress” under the rubric “occupation” [in your papers.] I won’t wait until Bernhard will be released, but will try for both of you. You have no idea how angry I am that you have to suffer so much through no fault of your own. You signed up voluntarily in your sister’s stead, then later I ignored you a little bit…but enough of past sorrow and vexation! Sarenka, just don’t lose hope and don’t even cry because of the delay. I’m always thinking of you. I miss you in more ways than you can imagine. Sarenka! Are you healthy? Write me something! What can I send to you? Pa! I kiss you on your mouth. Yours, Alinka

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