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Chaim Kaufman




Birthday poem, wishes her to celebrate with family, my muse is asleep, this is a holy day, accept that which you consider good and noble, and what's bad, throw out

Full Translation

Dearest birthday girl!!! On your birthday, instead of gifts and flowers, Accept dearest, my modest wishes O Birthday Girl!!! May you celebrate your next birthday Among your own, in your own home, and in your own nest I wish you lots of happiness, bright sunshine, and lots and lots of roses….. May the star of your happiness settle under a lucky planet. Accept, Birthday Girl, my modest wishes as real, Because, in my current mood, I cannot Write something more worthy Since my muse is asleep. Unfortunately, it may not be proper to write _____ in such a setting…… However, this is a holy day for me, Oh, how holy To even talk about such petty matters. Salunkia dearest, I am sitting at a table, pencil in hand, and I am tinking about the matter since I have so much to tell you. My heart is overflowing, but you probably know that only a stone grows without roots,and the heart cries without tears….. Still, I ask myself, Salunka, why And I bow my head and then I cannot ______ think I ponder, week after week, how to manage on your birthday, so I will definitely think about you all that day anmd all night, I will think only about you. Last year, I did that, because you wished it, but today, I do it on my own initiative. Salenka, accept that which you consider good and noble, and what’s bad, throw out. Your faithful Chaim If you want to see me, please write. I am waiting for your answer.

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