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Letter #


Chaim Kaufman




How do you think you are, the boor in me is coming out.

Full Translation

Hello, This letter will be different form the usual ones. What kind of scenes, what kind of demonstrative protests are these where even moral chains could not prevail? What kind of wild claims? Who do you think you are? What role do you want to play? Do you think that I go to bed so that I would smoke cigarettes all night? If you have not yet med the boar in me you will now, because once I get started it will not be pleasant for you . What kind of gifts, what is it, are you some kind of beggar? Who gave you permission and what right do you have to address each other in a familiar way? In that hovel of yours ___?___ ___?___ ___?____ there is no restrain so you can ___?___. Too bad there is no restrain, but maybe it’s enough for you that others have more than I have. Too bad, not everyone is a lucky bastard. Still ___?___ ___?___ you can talk, after all I am not you snot-nose. Your Chaim

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