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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Through this uncharacterstically long note, Raizel provides a description of her impression of Ala. Riazel begins the letter by discussing a surprise visit from Ala to whom the family "paid so little attention," and seems to indicate that the family and Sala no longer remain close to Ala. However, in subsequent pages she describes Ala's generosity with leaving cigarettes for their fater, and mentions how Ala cares about Sala like a parent cares for his/her child.

Full Translation

Dear Sala! I finally found the time to write, but now, I have more time than usual. I quickly answered your letter so you wouldn’t complain and be nervous. I wrote a postcard, and your loyal and dear Ala added some lines as well. As you can see, Ala is back at home already. You’re probably curious to know why Ala came to see us. We really didn’t expect that she would show up since she was on leave and did not have enough time, even though I asked her so urgently.. I was surprised when you wrote that we should visit her and invite her. In any case, all that is over. One should only remember good things about a person. I only want to explain the reason why it seemed that we were not paying attention to her. I learned by chance [on Tuesday morning] that she had come already [on Monday night]. But even when I heard it from her mother, I didn’t believe it. I thought if that’s true, then they will let us know; if not, then I will not go to her. If they don’t want her to see me, that’s fine, then it’s better not to go. And so matters stood. We have had enough disappointments… Everyone knew that she had come home and asked if she had visited us, and we answered in various ways for the sake of appearances. Then completely unexpectedly, this Friday the 15th of August between about 5 and 6 in the afternoon, I was sitting on the steps and mending dear mother’s stockings, when I thought I saw the figure of Ala on the [second] floor, and before I really recognized her, I heard someone asking for the Garncarz family… Oh yes! So, I was right, I had seen correctly. Naturally, I invited her into our room, and naturally, I didn’t know what she thought. I figured that you would have prepared her about our apartment. It’s better to have an idea about the reality so you aren’t disappointed. From what I observed, Ala knew very little about what to expect from our apartment. Okay. Now, you should know what Ala said. Well, really nothing special, only that she cannot live without you, and praised you so much that we really enjoyed it, and she eased our minds saying that you are doing well. But the thought that you are there now, without her, disturbs us. We know that such a friend as Ala is not to be found again among a thousand people. All that you wrote about her was not a lie: we, too, finally see it... She asked me if she could come with me to the post office and I consented. Then we went to her brother and she took out the package that she had prepared for you, and she showed me what she had put in, but we left late because we talked so much. That’s why we stayed and wrote our postcard at her place. You are probably happy that she wrote something on it too. She wouldn’t let me use my postcard, and told me to write on hers. Because we were delayed in sending the package, we had to wait until today, Monday. Should she have sent you stale baked goods? Unimaginable! So she waited and prepared fresh. Yes, that’s Ala completely. She is concerned and cares about you, as her parents do about her. About our dear parents, unfortunately, sadly, we can only sigh. She should have success in her work, she is really a good person, she should reap goodness. And something else: when she was at our house, imagine, she had cigarettes with her and left them for our dear father, even though we said that he had some, and really, it was true. No, she said, I made the cigarettes myself for your enjoyment. Is it possible to say enough about her in words? Probably not. Oh, now I have to stop about all this. Nu, what else is new with you, do you feel well? Continue to stay cheerful and everything will be fine. Everything with us is as it was, we are healthy and hope for good news, and are happy that you are loved by all. We talk so often about you that you must often have the hiccups! Stay well, you will be drunk with my letter. A thousand kisses we send you, also from our parents, Laya Dina, David, and children. Salusia kisses you very much. Special greetings for Mr. Holtz. Good night. Be well. Convey our greetings, if possible, to the Pachta family. Raizel

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