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Ala Gertner




Aktion came to an end. Ala running camp, girls running around. Mom is fine. Get me flashlight. Bought a blouse. "be obedient and well behaved."

Full Translation

Beautiful little Sarenko, Why don’t you write? Are you so busy or can’t you do it? Gertrude wrote a wonderful letter. I’m still working a lot until late at night. The “Aktion” of the “Lichtbildausweise” already came to an end. I’ll have more time and will get everything done for my Jim-Bob. Don’t worry, once he gets home, your “Szop”(?) will start. Believe me, when I look at the girls as they’re running back and forth, just as you always do, I am very upset. You have been in the camp for 13 months already. Do you remember how you leaned your little head on me on the train? … Our clean little room and the night with [Polish], etc. I heard Mrs. Tranner is wondering about “a number of things”, and Mrs. Tranner isn’t the only one… That’s how it stands, wise little Sarah! Nobody can and will understand me as well as you do! My dear Mom has arrived already. She feels fine. Sarenko, I finally sent you the stuff. My precious one, maybe you can get me the flashlight that I left in the suitcase – Here I won’t be able to get one and I need one like that, when I walk home late at night. I bought a new blouse, a brown hat and a green hat. When you come… Oh, my God! I implore you, be obedient and well behaved. Keep clean and, as always, work hard. Yes? Do you have a lot of work? Do you still have a toothache? I remember how you cried when the dentist from Mangersdorf came. Do you remember when Pol.. assisted and Anna Dombek had two teeth pulled. Today the first snow fell. Everything is white all around. I’m waiting for mail from you as well as from Bernhard. Why doesn’t he write? How does he fare. Have you written home? Dear Sarenko, Before long, the three of us will be together again (all good things come in threes), God willing. How is Miss Nancy? Dear little Sala, I’m sending you my fondest kisses, My regards to Mr. Kronenberg (?), little Bernhard and all the women. Yours, Alinka Patience, courage, don’t lose hope !!! Pa! My Mom sends her best regards.

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