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Sala Garncarz




Six more women to leave. More men had to leave. Friday is a terrible day for me…my thoughts turn home.

Full Translation

Six more women are to leave. Will I among them? Ala comes running to me. “Listen, one of the office girls will have to leave as well, so if it’s me, you will come with me.” The truth is that I agreed without even giving it a thought. Well, it became apparent that they have no intention of sending Ala away, and Kronenberg did not want to put me on the list. Little Keiti, the poor girl, cried and did not want to leave; still in the end, she had to. I felt sorry for her, the poor child. Well, that was not the end of this matter. Next day, 60 (?) more men had to leave, among them Laybcio. I felt very sad. He will probably have no one to talk to about Rozka. At the last moment, he was designated a “group officer” and he departed. The following days were very unpleasant, still they were sweetened by the fact that I remained with Ala. FRIDAY Oh, it’s Friday again. What a horrible day this is for me here. Again, my thoughts turn to home, and again I am overwhelmed by despair. Dear God, will Fridays always worry me so much when I away from home? It’s quiet now. All the girls are in bed. Soon I, too, forgot about all of it. Misfortune, an accident. Paramedics. I ran outside.

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