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Letter #


Hokilo Dattner




Left Dulag received immediate work. Spoke w/sister she got summoned to Dulag but was freed. Saw your parents who asked about you.Told your father to send valise.

Full Translation

Dear Salu! I can report to you that just yesterday I got out of Dulag and I got work right away at the firm Skopek. Dear Salu, I had enough good luck to be able to stay at home, you can imagine that I was going to go away to Parzeiniche together with Kalli, but I got out of it. I also spoke with your sister in Dulag because she got a summons to appear in Dulag, but she was freed. At the bottom of the page: xxxxx A special greeting for Rechnitz, Kaufman, Borenstein, Silberstein, Louchner and Gruenbaum, Bolek, Metzer, Madrykamien. II. Yesterday, I was with your dear parents and I gave them you best regards, they asked me about [it says “him” but I think it’s “you”] and I told them that everything is in the best order. I also told your dear father everything that you told me. I gave him the 10 cigarettes, I also told your sister about the pictures. I also visited Mrs. Flordiner and told your father that he should send a valise. I also visited little Hela and also Stefa, but they weren’t there. I conveyed regards to Seldyn, he asked III About you. Right now I am going to mail the letter and I am going to visit big Hela and Fela. I also spoke with Reina’s sister. I told her that [the pronouns this person uses are very ambiguous, I think he’s talking about Sala] she/you always said that she/you want to come home, so I asked on her/your account… I couldn’t see Anna and Merse’s sister because I didn’t get to Bendsburg. Now dear Sala, greetings from me to all the 25 [and tell them] that I have conveyed greetings from all to all. I greet you very warmly, I IV Met with Kroneberg, he was very happy that I came to his home, he asked about all of you, Kroneberg also had luck, he was freed [from work] by the doctor for a month. Now you should write about what’s new with you [since I’m not there]. Write about what’s happening in the camp generally. I greet and kiss you, Hokel P.S. Special greetings to all the women and all friends. Hokel Dear friend Ruu(?), You shouldn’t be angry with me because I just got out of the camp, and I haven’t had the time to write. I can tell you that you mother hasn’t yet visited me. I greet you and all my friends.

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