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Ala Gertner




Cannot express my joy in words, in spite of my big mouth. Pounding out on typewriter at midnight. Writes directly to Harry, du, writing in German. Ala had an affair and the wife showed up. Remember me.

Full Translation

My sweet little Salusia! My dear! Finally, a sign of life from you! I cannot express my joy in words, even me, with my big mouth! Now, 12:30 at night, I write to you with such great joy that I almost don't know what I'm pounding out on this typewriter. And now I have so much news from you! How happy I am that you are finally happy. I understand you so well, maybe better than anyone else does. I will write in German, because I want Harry to be able to read these words. He probably doesn't know our Polish language! I believe you when you say that your Harry is the one you have always wished for, and is also someone whom I would have thought suitable for you. I wish both of you much happiness in your warm love. My dear children, how much I would love to be together with you! Maybe that will happen, sometimes there are such miracles! Salusia, I have so much to tell you about myself. It was so wonderful for me here, so wonderful. I also had the good fortune to befriend someone here. Two weeks ago, however, his lawful wife arrived. What can one do! We were robbed of our freedom and had to hide every wink and glance between us! That has no appeal for someone like me, who loves freedom so much. Did you get a postcard from me addressed to the camp at Laurahutte? Today I got the first letter from you. Our girls are doing fine here, much better than in Gross Sarne, also better than in Geppersdorf with Ackerman... I can’t write everything that I would like to [about my love], but it was so great, so wonderful, and now everything is demolished, in one fell swoop, against both our wills. Because my feelings are not one-sided, they are reciprocated 100%. We are so good together! We understand each other and that brings a certain harmony, without which no love can exist. I hope that you and Harry will always find such harmony. I heard from home about your dear parents. I asked about them, but didn’t get to see anybody. How I regret that time that I didn’t visit your home. But you are strong, isn't that right, my little girl? I am proud of you and will always be. And as you go on with your life, think always of me and go through life in a way that would make me content. I have utmost trust in you and therefore, I feel that I am already fond of Harry. And now something for Harry! Well, my dear young man, allow me to address you familiarly. You are, after all, my dear Salusia's young man, so I therefore claim that right. I hope that you are worthy to be loved by my little sweet friend and that I will not be disappointed in you! I have only one wish now, to be together with you both as soon as possible! We will definitely get along with each other! Salusia, stay well for me and happy with your dear Harry. I actually wept when I didn't find the photo you promised in the envelope. When you get a chance, you must both send me one. I have absolutely no photo of you. Where will you both wind up now? Or are you staying there? Keep together. And always remember that love is the most beautiful light in life. Salusia, I will try to bring my sweet beau here. If I should succeed, then I don't need anything else in the world, except an end to the war. So, now you know almost everything about me... Ala

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