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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Thank God you still have somebody to write to with the way things are going on here. Remember how lucky you are. Many envy you because you have work.

Full Translation

[Now you’ll understand why Liba P. was also... (?) but now everything is okay. Many regards from the Ujard family] Dear Sala, I guess, you’ll be impatient by now, but what can I do? My head keeps spinning, my head, it’s just awful, but Sala, don’t worry about us, we’re home and L.D. also, well - What else should we say now, no! - How lucky you are, there are many who envy i because you have work, that would really make them happy. Meanwhile, Blima and you. Sala, have not made us feel envious. Be happy, be glad and thank God a thousand times every day that you still have somebody whom you can write to with the way things are going here... But don’t worry about that. M. D. was sent off to work today. He should come to your place but he’ll be somewhere else (?) Don’t worry about his wife and children, they are fine. But, not to worry, everything is fine here. What’s new with you? Sala, remember how lucky you are, you have no idea. Enough now, it’s already late, time to sleep, one is tired after a long day.—Warmest regards and kisses from our dear parents, sister, husband and children. What’s new at Chamek’s home? Good night. Rozia [Write more about yourself, not about us]

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