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Raizel Garncarz




Time runs and runs. We will never part. Are you bringing a gift for father? Thanks for money. Almost purim, maybe together for passover.

Full Translation

Dear Salus! Yah! So time goes by, it doesn’t stand still, but runs and runs. Now it is already Purim, and [we are] so far from each other. But as you say yourself, Salus! Don’t think about it, don’t cry, keep your chin up, and right, when we will meet again we will never again part. But still! Still! It is really painful! Painful! Only don’t worry! Right? Oh, Salus, what did you prepare for father? I am very curious, maybe yourself? 2. Oh that would have been a wonderful present, there is no better one, meanwhile, one must have patience. What do you really have for our dear father? Nu, and haven’t you received our last postcard. Why are you worried? Moreover, why do you cry with each of our postcards? Why don’t you write about whether you received the big “package.” And Ala! Why doesn’t she answer us at all [crossed out words: can’t you ask her.] Nu, and most of all, you wrote, that you will surely write more starting today about how things are? We are happy to receive every postcard. With extraordinary impatience we wait for the second mail delivery and count the days until two weeks go by. 3. Oh yes, heartfelt thanks for the 5 R.M. [Reich Marks]. We picked it up from Mrs. Beiglmacher. Many thanks, it came [just when we needed it]. Now it is already the fast of Esther, and then tomorrow Purim. Oh yes, we would so much like to see you. And then, and then, what else is there for us. Oh yes! “5(?) of March” we remember well, what shall we wish you, from the bottom of our hearts, first we want to welcome you, and then you should have much good at home, the time before should not be counted, only always good things you should have in your life. Ah, we received a fond greeting [for you(?)] from a certain Goldstein. Did anyone else come from Geppersdorf? We don’t know [anyone] here. I end with the fondest kisses and greetings, your sister who would be so glad to see you. Rozia Heartfelt kisses and greetings from our parents, the same from Blima, L.D. David and children kiss you from the bottom of their hearts. Be at ease about us. Thank God we are healthy and wait for good news. Best regards for Abram Spend the time well. Looking forward to Pesach, we will have you with us, perhaps.

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