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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Asks which transport and where are you going. Assumes she is coming home. Asks whether she was in Brande. Refers to weddings.

Full Translation

Salus, dear! In answer to your postcard, the primary and most important thing is with which transport and where do you intend to travel. Oh, Salus, dear mother and father haven’t stopped crying. I tell them that you mean to come home, and that you will come. Is that true? Oh! How much we want to see you, the child was very happy, she/he always asks about when you will come, and I answer in two weeks. Oh how much, how much we would love to see you, because Mama Supiro got married. Blima was at her wedding, and now I am again invited to a big wedding, where many guests will be invited. I don’t know if I want to go!? Now Salu, something else, were you in Brande (?), about your Page 2 Teeth? Do they still hurt? And what else is new with you? Are you healthy? And the most important thing, are you thinking of coming, maybe? Halavay!!!!! We await you gladly, gladly, every second we wait for news that a transport will come that will include you also. Is it possible Salu? Can we let ourselves believe it? Am I not dumb to indulge in such thinking? So, in general about us, we are healthy, thank God. Blima works in Szop. Nu and I as usual. Otherwise nothing special. We await good news from you. What did Ala send you? Maybe I will write her something. Now, the fondest kisses and greetings from our parents and all of us. Greetings from L.D., husband and children. Page 3 What should we send, Salu how much we want to send you, but meanwhile it is impossible, as soon as we can send, you will get. [Not sure they’re talking about sending anything specific]. Good Shabes Best regards to Mr. Kaufmann.

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