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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Everyone working, things just fine. Sala Rabinowicz encloses picture of herself, plus a postcard in Polish, complains she can't write in German.

Full Translation

Dear Salu! Your card made us very happy, even though you didn’t write anything special. But it doesn’t matter, you did well. We really hoped that you would get more mail from your friends, about your writing, Sala that R had written to you so coldly, you should know in fact that she can’t write in German, you know yourself how it was with you. Now Salu, we also await some good [news] from you. Oh Salu! If you knew how much we are longing to see you. Perhaps you will come home for the holidays, oh how happy we would be. Salusia always asks, when, when. You are probably curious about what is new with us, well, be at ease. Everything is just fine. Our dear parents are healthy and we are also. Father works at the same place that he was working when you were home. I do likewise. Also Blima got something this week where you worked. Nu, and what else! I really have nothing else new [to tell you]. But you, should write a lot, a lot about yourself. Sara is enclosing here your picture, when you’ve received it, then write, then she will send you the rest of what you asked for. Nu, stay well, live well. The fondest kisses and greetings from our parents, from us all, L.D., David and children. Write often. Best regards to all. 2 Best regards from the children Monick, Henick and dear Salusia. A greeting from family Seligmann If you need anything, write. Dear Sala!! I send you your picture. Write as soon as you get it, then I will send you the others. Also with this letter I am sending you a postcard which I wrote in Polish. Write as soon as you get it. I am giving your postcard to [I’m guessing it’s “the girls”] and I will ask them to write to you. Write as soon as you receive my postcard. I am [bottom right corner of the page obliterates the word – can’t make out the rest of the sentence]. Maybe it/she(?) will come two days later. On the side of the page: Best regards to you Sala. In the postcard I will write much more.

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