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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz


3/40 E


The pages appear to be the continuation of other pages. Like many of the letters from 1940, this last letters covers general matters such as packages to Sala. One hint about Sala's situation is a comment about how she split a large carp with ten other people, and Raizel's comment that the fish should "do you a world of good."

Full Translation

Page V Wrote everything. Besides, she wrote to you herself, and didn’t say anything special, everything about you, as you know very well, many, many greetings we have from you. A certain Szpigielman from Karimieck, who was until today in the hospital asked that you give regards to Ala, she is his cousin, right? Now Sala, what else? Aha! The coat again, well, as soon as we had received mail from you, Blima went to the tailor, since he was not here, [I think the gist of this is] she found him in bed [ill?], he said that the coat would be ready the following week, as soon as it is, be assured that we will send it to you soon with Regina’s, who is already home, but it doesn’t pay to send it separately, it is also not made of new fabric, she doesn’t have the head for it now, but in the meantime it will maybe be good. I forgot to tell you, how much Page VI We laughed about the fish, the big carp, that you had to divide between 10 people, had I known, I would have flown over there for a piece. But it’s already too late, you’ve already eaten it, and it should do you a world of good. Maybe you can remind me what else I should write to you about, because I’m afraid you shouldn’t get szykest [bored(?)] from the megile [long story]. Well, really, what shall I write. Ah! You haven’t written about the stockings, whether you received them. Oh, yes, do you know what else I want to say to you about Palto, who was to have made you a dress, I had it made, but completely [“leitisch”(?)] by Malkyle Szpiro. Nu, and I also have a sweater that dear mother made for me, all the colors of the world are found Page VII in it, but it doesn’t matter if I had a skirt, but it’s not important now. So, what else? What else? Your majdyn were at Miss Leibel’s on Shabes this week to find out exactly about your [doings]. You have to excuse me very much, at this moment I’m very confused. . But it will pass. I end with the warmest greetings and kisses for you from everyone. We will send you the photograph of our dear parents. Otherwise, nothing special is new with us. [crossed out – we are healthy]. The sickness is not yet over and otherwise everything is as it was. Rosa A greeting for Ala VIII A greeting from L.D., husband and children. From M.D. [words crossed out: Meanwhile, the heart beats they are at home. The illness is not past] at the moment it is worse, but I [crossed out – believe] it will pass, be at ease. Mother went to the community about [Maces], and was told that the community will send, if not we will do it, in any case you will have it. A good Shabes.

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