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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




A typical letter in which Raizel is concerned about hearing so little from Sala. She discusses their material situation and refers to the applique that Blima sends.

Full Translation

Dear Sister Salu! I’m writing again, right? What should we do if we receive no answer from you, we write 5 times before we get one answer. However, we figure that we will already get something before this letter will reach you, every day we wait impatiently for news from you, meanwhile without success. Now dear Salu! What do I have to write to you. About us, nothing special, all is as it was. We received the letter in which you write about food. After that nothing more. It should only be as you write, and thank God for it. Write Salu, if you [both/all more than just Sala] might come home over Christmas, because everyone writes about that. And also, [write] that you continue to be healthy. Remember, and don’t be a “berje” [these last three words on this page are, I think] wear warm clothing. Page II Here, it is so cold today. How are your [2?] toes, have they frozen from the cold, like at home. Gucia Guttman and Sala Rabinowicz come to us every week on Shabes, and read your letters, which makes them very happy, and they comfort us that we shouldn’t be worried, but when several days or almost 2 weeks go by and we receive no mail, we get very uneasy. Remember, always when you write, write a lot, a lot. Now, I really don’t have any more news to write about us. We are all, thank God, healthy. For now we have food to eat, a lot of potatoes, and it’s not expensive, in that regard you don’t have to worry about us. There is no shortage of plackis. With L.D. everything is just fine, David is feeling somewhat better, it should only continue to be good. Now Salu! The Page III Most important thing I forgot, write about whether you received the package, we are very curious, because now we are sending you a [opaska?], though not stitched up, but we are lining it with silk. Blima couldn’t [applique it?] as nicely as you! About that we didn’t [crossed out word “couldn’t”] (?) “gelost”(?). Salusia always asks when you are coming home. The same for Monick and Henick. Salusia asks if you will bring her something. Oh, yes, I forgot, just this week we received 13 Marks, isn’t that enough? A [metr] potatoes also, other than that we didn’t get anything. I end with kisses and fond greetings from our dear parents, Blima and me. L.D. and the children and David send you warm regards. The same from Mrs. Seligman and her husband. Now I end this with the hope that we will see you real soon. Good day! Greetings your Ala

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