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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




The Garncarz family sends thanks to Ala, "the aide and protector of our sister."

Full Translation

Dear Miss Ala! Oh! I have no words for you, dear unknown Ala. You must forgive me that I address you in this way. My dear sister Sala also addresses you so [in the familiar]. Well, on behalf of my dear parents, siblings and all of us, I submit to you our deepest expression of thanks. No words of thanks do we have. Where would we find such expression that we feel towards you. We ask you once again to forgive us, because we don’t know how to thank you. We can’t do it. We hope, however, that a time will come that we can thank you personally. Meanwhile, we can only say that we wish you a good time and be happy together. We remain, with best regards to the helper and protector(?) of our sister, (signed) the devoted friends and (?) family Garncarz Be well, be happy, I am envious that one can behave that way.

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