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Sala Rabinowicz




NEEDS MORE TRANSLATION The friends' spirits are lagging, every day brings new torment. Talks about engagement and marriage. "write about everything so that we have a sense that you are together with us and we experience what you experience."

Full Translation

Dear Sala, After such a long time of not writing, now when we are together with Sala in the small room, we decided to write you something about us. We sit and we wonder about what you are doing, what you are thinking, maybe also about us, oh, we are not worth your thinking about, because after so much writing and what you ask, and we don’t do anything about it, but you also have to understand that it isn’t the same as when you were here, we are very burdened and every day brings new torment, so that we don’t have the time to write even a few words to you. For us nothing is new, we work from morning 2. until night and we come home very tired, and we want to do nothing, we ask only that we get through the day and that we will all see each other and be happy, oh that would be such joy, I believe that with God’s help it will happen, only not to lose hope, we must keep on, keep on and still keep on, when one can be steadfast, one can get through the bad times and wait for the good times. Now I want to write a few words about me. You surely know about my engagement, in spite of what I wrote to you, I am very happy with my dear one, too bad you don’t know him, Sala tells me now that she wrote you that 3. soon I will marry, how much I would have liked to have you at my wedding, maybe you will still be able to come, just as you unexpectedly come for by (?)”gratulacion.” Now dear Sala, I want to write a few words about Gucia, she doesn’t know what to do, she has a suitor, a very handsome young man, who wants to be engaged to her and she isn’t keen about it. Sala, we ask that you write something about yourself, write about everything that you do during the day from morning till evening, but write exactly about everything so that we have a sense that you are together with us and we experience what you experience.

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