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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Raizel starts to wonder if mail between the family members is becoming lost en route. She mentions that she wrote about receiving regards from Stuchenberg, but thinks that Sala never received the message.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, At long last, we have news from you. Today we received mail, thank God. We didn't know what to make of this. With us, Sala, everything is as always, only we worry about you. We are very surprised that you received so little mail from us. It's possible that it got lost, because we even wrote you about the regards we received through Mr. Stuchenberg. But what is this about Bejglmacher's relative? We talked very little [with him] because we didn't know that we were to receive regards through him. It's always the same, everyone says, things are just fine but we don't see it. Otherwise, how are you doing? Don't worry about our health. Our dear parents are well, thank God, as well as the rest of us. How is Miss Ala? Today mail also arrived from Mila Goldberg. Warm regards and kisses from our dear parents and all of us. Best regards to Miss Ala Regards from Rozia, Fela Pardes.

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