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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




A quick note accompanying a package with soap and food, Raizel notes that they were unable to send stockings on account of receiving only 10RM from the Jewish community.

Full Translation

Dear sister Salu! Oh! We’re writing again, are you satisfied? Certainly! So, I am writing on the run. Salu! We are sending you a small package again (Polish: taka mala paczuseks) as you call it. In the package there are 2 pieces of soap, ¼ kilo of farina (can’t get a spot of sugar), 10 “ounces” of (?) cukierker, cooked (?) cvastka, just out of the oven. We baked it. A lemon, 2 podpinkes, we have taken from our head, don’t be angry that 2 podpinkes is very little, only because we had to hurry. Stockings, unfortunately forget about that. We don’t have any possibility [for those]. We haven’t gotten more than 10 R.M. from the community. Be well. Greetings to your Ala. Everything is in good order for us, it’s late. Until we see each other again, a fond greeting from our dear parents and siblings. Salusia greets you.

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