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Sala Rabinowicz




News from girlfriends at home-Long silence is Sala's fault. Visited Ms. Lebel who said Sala is happy at camp. Mother happy to receive mail, wants visit. Gucia mad. Write more

Full Translation

386 Dear Sala!! Certainly you are wondering why I am writing you a few words after such a long silence. But you shouldn’t wonder because my silence is your fault. I sent you awhile ago a letter and a photograph, at the same time I sent you a postcard in which I wrote what I felt about you, did you get it? Dear Sala how are you doing where you are? I, as well as Bala and Gucia visited Miss Lebel and we learned a lot about your life. She described how you are all doing there, bright and cheerful, that you are full of life and don’t want to come back to us, but have mercy and come here for a few days. Do it for your mother who wants to see you. We received the postcard, you already know 2. which one, one was addressed to Bala and the second to home. I wish you could have seen your mother’s face when she received the postcard, she beamed with joy. Dear Sala, forget the past and make an effort to write to me. (The boys write a postcard, you understand what I mean.) I read every postcard that you write home, but I want to hear more from you. My life goes on as usual and I hope for better days. I am busy the whole day at home, and my free time is spent with a book. I endured a lot of worry and trouble in the time that you weren’t here, if you were here it would be better for me. I have written a lot, but one can’t write enough. 3. I see the girls from time to time, and they will write to you. Gucia is angry with you and that’s why she doesn’t write to you. I am sweating over this letter, you know why, because I can’t write so well in German. I end this and ask you to write soon. Sala Greetings to all. Write me something about my boy how he is and (what he does), try to help him and I will be very thankful to you. D.L. 4. Dear Sala! I have a lot to write to you, but I want to tell it to you in person. So, stay well. Fryinetka

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