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Ala Gertner




Imagine writing these lines as if we were together. Told cousin Feluna about you being at camp for whole year. "One hears that after a year…have to wait…only 6 days". Expecting guests.

Full Translation

Beautiful little Sarenko! It is now evening, I am alone and imagine writing these lines as if we would be together. My cousin Felunia (15 years old) visited me, such a lovely and nice girl, I told her a lot about you, but with Leus the last time. She is envious! Imagine that! Quite simply, I told her that I miss you and that you should come to me as soon as possible. I spoke about your situation that you have been in a camp for a whole year! Your friends work in (?) and have said that you have gotten summonses already several times. I am very busy now and remain only in Bendsburg. One hears that after a year… have to wait… only 6 days more. This afternoon I cleaned the floor – dusted – everything is “pico bello.” Tomorrow, we expect guests with new (?). Hela, from Klein Mangersdorf is here. Do you know, do you know, Sarenko, what she told me, that I got married… Damn that gossip. She is a character! A thousand times she asked me about Adoi. Do you have a lot of work? How is Kaufman? And “Hokilo?” Stay well, be good and well-behaved – Greetings to Gerde – A big kiss to you. Your, Alinka Greetings to all the women.

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