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Ala Gertner




Impatiently waiting for your letters. A month since I have seen Bernhard. He is very sick, "one shouldn't make any plans, the various pitfalls in the path of life are stronger." Mother is sick, so many worries.

Full Translation

My dear Sarenko! Why is it so long since you have written? You know how impatient I am waiting for your letters. It’s been more than a month since I’ve seen Bernhard. [Words hard to read it could be “During the past weeks”] I had a lot to do. A few days ago they took him to the hospital in Sosnowitz. He is very sick. Maybe Typhus. Maybe. I will definitely be with him tomorrow. I have to get a (?) certificate. The most (?) thing is that he is assigned to the Bendsburg (?) group. Yes, my little one! One shouldn’t make any plans, the various pitfalls in the path of life are stronger… I am still working in managing the housekeeping at home and certainly in the office. It’s good that I have a nice boss – Branka knows him, Braubart – Pruses – My mother is sick. I have so many millions of worries. --- The weather here is like Spring, such a thaw – it’s wet. Be so kind as to thank and greet Miss Nunberger for me. I will show Bernhardchen the card. I hope that you are doing well. I only regret that I am not allowed to send you any packages. Too bad. As to your situation, I asked again. This time they answered me that I have to wait until the Spring. Pe! I embrace and kiss you, your Ala

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