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Raizel Garncarz




Pesach is over. We haven't sinned, didn't eat any bread. Compliments this lovely style of yours. Don't know what to M.D

Full Translation

Dear Sala, . . . we received your letter of 4/8 . . . we’re always so happy to receive mail from you... Also Sala, we ask you not to worry about us, everything is just fine. Thank God, Pesach is over already. We haven’t sinned, didn’t eat any bread, even though we didn’t have mazzos, but everything was kosher. I already forget. I’m still under the spell of Passover. Thank God many times that it’s over now, and just thinking of it, I find it difficult to concentrate, please forgive me, Sala, won’t you? Yes, so you are curious what else our aunt wrote. She wanted to know what happened to M.D.. I couldn’t give her an exact answer yet, he is till alive (??), but he suffers a great deal(?). Otherwise nothing special. We are so happy when he get a few lines from you in this lovely style of yours, wonderful! We have been crying a lot and been admiring you, Sala. Please, Sala, forgive me this time, I can’t concentrate and next time, I will write more. Meanwhile, I’m ending with a thousand kisses and regards, your sister Rozia. The same from our dear parents, sister, L.D., husband and children. Special greetings from the Ujard family. G. and L. Preiorka and all friends. Give our regards to Kaufman and Abram.

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