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Raizel Garncarz




What's new, did you get the pracel from Ala? What's with cousin Hamburg?

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Basically, we wrote you not too long ago, but we've been getting too impatient to wait that long. We thought a reply would have certainly arrived from you by now, that's human nature, I guess. While I'm writing it seems to me that you will reply soon. Really, we'd like to get mail from you very much, for we are very nervous before .... What's new with you? How's your work and are you still doing the same work? You're not longing for cousin Hamburg; he is asking whether you're not asking about him or whether you're not interested in him. Write everything. You received Ala's parcel? We are very, very curious. Otherwise, there's nothing special here. We are, thank God well and expect to have good news from you. We're sending thousands of regards and kisses from everybody, but particularly from your sister, Rozia, who is hoping to see you as quickly as possible. Gut Shabbos. Have a good time.

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