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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Trouble in town. I wasn't home when the invitation to the wedding arrived. Concerned about Sala keeping warm . Are you cross with Kaufman?

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Probably you're wondering because you haven't received any mail from us for several days now. But don't worry. As we wrote, you shouldn't worry about us when our minds aren't in it. But, thank God, Blima is in the shop now after great efforts and "maternisch"(bribes?) we succeeded. Again a second ... (word is crossed out, kimmer?=trouble?) took place in town. Imagine, I was invited to a wedding. Chajka Szpiro already left to go there, but I didn't go because I wasn't home when the invitation came. Sala, what is new with you? What mood are you in today? Are you up and about? The most important thing is your health. Dear Sala, we are very dismayed, because we still don't have a sweater for you. There is none to be had at the community and we are broke [like bleached out], we can't afford to buy you one. But in the community, they told us you should ask the Eldest of the Jews, maybe he can arrange something. Also, dear Sala, I could send you mine, if it's good enough for you. If you want it, let me know, only it might be a little small. Write soon and we'll send it to you. We also want to send you a pair of woolen pants (?). Are you warm at night? Bundle up as much as you can, one layer on top of the other and don't mind if it fits or not. Don't catch cold, for God's sake! Maybe we should send you Blima's green dress, [but] it with short sleeves. But don't worry about us, we only worry about you. Write more often. Have you received mail from Ala? Oh, Sala, we received mail today from Kaufman. Are you cross with him? Why? Also, everybody writes, they will come home on vacation, only you don't. Why?

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