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Raizel Garncarz




Written minutes before Yom Kippur in 1941, Raizel asks ominously if Sala has heard anything from Jakub because she has not heard anyting from him in Olkusch. She ends the letter, "the day will come when we will all be happy together in a better life," possibly in reference to the world-to-come in Jewish messianic tradition.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I should have written earlier and I don't really know why myself, but I forgot and, therefore, I write only now. Say, why do we get so little mail from you. We are worried and you left us with great longing for you after you went away. We are always talking about you. We just received a card from Jakub, who [in turn] just received a card from you and he sent you a reply. Did you receive mail from him yet? We don't know what's happening in Olkusch; we wrote, but didn't get a reply. It is late already, please excuse me. Our dear father just returned from his prayers... it is, after all, Yom Kippur. He says, I should write to you (?) ... the day will come when we will all be happy together in a better life. We remind you to pray; we are so uneasy thinking how things are with you. Where is Hersy Lajb? Oh, what wouldn't we do for you to have a good and happy year, particularly our dear parents.

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