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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Probably the first letter that Sala received in Geppersdorf, Sala's sister Raziel (Ruzka) inquires about Sala's living, sleeping, and eating arrangements.

Full Translation

Dear Sister, We were very happy to get your postcard, as you can well imagine. Sala, don’t think that we stopped worrying just because we received your postcard – nothing of the kind, because you write so little about yourself. Write in more details. How is the food? What do you eat, when, and do you like the food? Do you cook – write as often as possible. How are the sleeping arrangements? You write that you have separate beds, do you have covers? Do you have heating? We are anxious to know everything. Dear Sala, we certainly do wish to know a lot about you, but one forgets those things while writing, so please fill in what is missing….Sala! We did not send a package as yet, because there was no time. We will try to send it, maybe tomorrow, as soon as we find out how. Now Sala! I beg of you, because you know that I am interested in learning from your experience. Does the work that I was considering signing up for, exist? We miss you, and we send you our kisses…All is well with us…when Mother received your postcard, she was the happiest person in the world. May your words only prove to be the truth. As of now David [husband of Sala’s sister, Lea Dina] husband, has not left. We don’t know if he will leave. Lea Dina and the children are in good health. You should have seen how Salusia [Lea Dina’s daughter] kissed the postcard from Aunt Sala. Ruzka

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