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Letter #


Frymka Rabinowicz




Congratulations Sala on the new journalist boyfriend. You always know how to find somebody. Szymon is angry at Mila because she wrote about girls in the camp.

Full Translation

My dear ones___ Your last two letter are full of bitterness and complaints. Well, it’s not really as bad ad you always imagine, as the fault lies with the postal service which does not deliver our letters to you. Actually, I didn’t write much in my first letter, since I intuited that the letter would come back. Now I shall write in great length. First of all, let me congratulate you Sala on your new boyfriend, the journalist. You always know how to find somebody, but of course, you must first find him attractive. Isn’t that so? Where is your little girlfriend? You did not mention her at all this time. As far as “girl talk” is concerned, as you aptly put it, I pay little attention to it lately because, please don’t laugh, “I have no time.” I wear only old clothes. I did receive 1 kilo of nice coral wool yarn and 40 dkg. Og green yarn, for the holidays, and would like to knit something pretty. I am happy that you have a nice dress, and Mila most probably brought back a nice “Czechoslovak” wardrobe, so both of you can get freshened up. Did you have shoes made, and a coat? Mila, you asked me: “Hoe do you kill time?” Well, I do not have that much of it to be able to kill it. Quite the contrary, I always need more time. For example, I would gladly visit you, but again I don’t have the time and, also, I am afraid that you and Sala would not be able to provide me with the things I need, such as rolls, cocoa, real coffee, etc., etc., etc. That’s why I will leave the visit to someone else. However, I would be very glad if you came here on a”leisure trip.” I can already see your reaction . . . . . . . . And now to matrimonial matter. Mila, do you have anyone in mind, and you Sala? Be frank in you answers. Sincerest farewell for now, as I have to have my Sunday dinner. My old lady is taking a 14 day vacation as of today. Keep well. Your Frymka The picture you left gives me the greatest pleasure. Please send another one.

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