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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Another short note, all is ok. Regards to Chamek. The mail goes out today, I wished the next mail delivery would also put us in touch again.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Basically, I have nothing to write about but the mail goes out today and I just wanted to be in touch with you. Sala, Sala, I wished the next mail delivery would also out us in touch again, that’s my only wish. … Meanwhile, Sala, don’t worry, everything is fine. We are all well, thank God, and hope to get good news from you and, hopefully, this will be mutual. Otherwise nothing new. Don’t worry about us. May we have good news for one-another. Many kisses and regards from our dear parents and everybody, have a good day. Regards to Chamek. If it will be possible, we’ll send you the parcel the day after tomorrow.

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