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Sala Grünbaum




Regards, my brother and Lajbcia. Who is Zysman?

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I am in your house and I read your postcard. I am happy that all is well with you. De3ar Sala I am also very happy that you are together with my brother and Rozka’s sweetheart. Therefore I beg of you find out why they did not write till now and let them write whether Slojmyly Zysman is also with them, I am in your house often, so please write to your house because we are very worried, otherwise there is nothing of interest. We send you our fondest regards. Also please give my regards to my brother and Lajbcia and kisses from Slojmy Zysman. Sala Olkusz Also please write about everything that you eat and that you are doing.

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