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Ala Gertner




Winter in full swing, wonderful dry weather. Stay cheered and hopeful. Make yourself useful to Miss Nunberger. Holtz writes.

Full Translation

My dear child Sarenko! I am so happy each time I get a few lines from you. You don’t write what kind of work you do. How do you look, what are you up to? Are you healthy? I don’t have any news yet about Harry. Hopefully, he is well. Here the winter is in full swing. Wonderful dry weather – I remember the times before the war – at this time in the mountains. I’m very optimistic and believe that everything will turn out alright. My friends, Adam and Stebicek from Jochenstrehan are living. True, under bad conditions. But I am glad when I get mail from them. There is a lot of work here. A New Year, 1943 – another year gone by. One gets older and more serious. Today I spoke with Bneski(?) about you. He says that I am right and believes that the matter can be managed! My mom is ill – it’s also not surprising. We’re not allowed to send packages to you, only clothing. I regret that, because I wanted to bake you something for your birthday. How does it go with Miss Nunberger? You should be obedient and well-behaved, I shouldn’t have any annoyance. Are you already part of the camp employees? What does your sister write? 2. Sarenko! Stay cheered and hopeful, Bernhard also didn’t believe that he would be like that with people. That comes suddenly(?). I kiss you fondly and embrace you strongly. Your Ala. Regards to Miss Nunberger (not knowing her) and for Brenka. 5. Jan. ‘43 Dear Miss Garncarz! Taking this opportunity to send you best regards. Stay cheered and light-hearted! Did Miss Nunberger get my postcard? Please convey my greetings to Miss Nunberger and make yourself useful to her. In friendship, B(?) Holtz?

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