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1942 E


Friend from home, writing from a labor camp near Harry. "I would rather not talk about my loved ones"

Full Translation

To Sala Garncarz, Schatzla My dear Salusia! I read the note to Pesha, why didn’t you write to me directly? I have been here for 10 months and I’m employed as a mover and I’m doing pretty much alright. Your Harry lives near us and in fact, in the K.L. sports school Langenbielau near Reichenbach. If you would answer me, you can enclose a few lines for him. Also here are Rena, Ana, Kaplan, big Hela, Chajka, Frieda and Rosa among others. Hela Gr. isn’t far from here in Oberko?lim, she comes often 2. to visit us and I have already visited her. How often I have regretted that you aren’t here, we would at least be together! How are you my dear child? How is your work? I spoke with Frieda [Ebi?] about you all, then she went away. During all this time I roamed around and also various things happened. Your Harry works here as a mover, St. is also where Harry is. Do you hear anything from your sister? I would rather not talk about my loved ones. Stay well, write lots of details. I greet and kiss you and wish you all the best, your Chajka On the side: Ana and Friede work in my group[?]

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