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Letter #


Harry Haubenstock




Harry writes that he admires Sala's popularity among her camp-mates, and that he is grateful for her loyalty. He says that because of Sala he is a changed person who is "capable of such a deep and sincere love." He wishes that he could introduce Sala to his parents and meet hers.

Full Translation

My dearest little Sala, You are an interesting person here in the camp. Everybody wants to know what you are going to do when I am sent off. Sometimes, I hardly know what to say because everybody seems to have [their own ideas]. Still, I’m glad about these questions because they show me that you are popular with everyone and that they envy me because you abide by me so loyally and courageously. I am so unspeakably happy about this, I can’t really tell you. Sometimes, I hardly know what to say because everybody seems to have their own ideas about you. Believe me, most precious little Sala, that I hardly recognize myself any longer. I have changed so much and if someone were to see me now, they would hardly believe that I should be capable of such a deep and sincere love. But I'm glad about this change because this is what my dear parents wished for me. I would be the happiest person on earth, if I had an opportunity to introduce you to my dear parents and to meet yours. My sweet girl, I'm afraid that you will be sad again because I'm writing about our dear parents, but these days I'm thinking of our loved ones every day. Salusia , sweetie, please be so good as to write me today. We will still see each other today at the food distribution. Sala, I'm closing now and remain, with a thousand kisses, your Harry

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