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Letter #


Harry Haubenstock




Harry complains about the prying eyes of onlookers in the camp environment is very unpleasant. He writes that he longs to leave the camp and protect Sala.

Full Translation

Dearest Salusia, Yesterday I couldn’t give an answer because we were interrupted. I can only imagine and only hope for a future together with you. I would be completely happy, if we were all alone and could live only for our love. These constant onlookers are very unpleasant. One thing is and will remain sure, my love for you! I hope that life in the camps will come to end once and for all, then our life will begin. Dearest Salusia, I hope that you will always be happy with me and that you wish for the same as I. Unfortunately, you have not fulfilled my first wish otherwise I’d have the right to protect you: I hope you will change your mind!! I remain with a thousand kisses yours, Harry

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