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Letter #


Harry Haubenstock




Harry attempts to calm Sala's unease following a bunk inspection. He mentions that he passed by her window several times during his duty, noting, "you looked cute in your pajamas."

Full Translation

The letter I got from you yesterday upset me very much. Unfortunately, I couldn’t write you yesterday any more to cheer you up. My dearest, don’t worry, you know quite well that we will always belong together, nothing can separate me from you because I love you boundlessly. Salusia, were you afraid yesterday during bunk inspection? You should have stepped forward right away and made a report. Always have a coat ready that you can throw over your shoulders quickly; you looked very cute in your pajamas. I was on duty from 10-12; I constantly passed by your window and I couldn’t come in after all. My dearest Salusia, I really didn’t understand yesterday’s letter. Please write in German. I promise not to correct the mistakes. My little Salusia, I believe that we will be redeemed soon, I have a premonition. Then we will make good use of our time, I’m already looking forward to that. Yesterday, Taifus handed me your letter and Janosch happened to see it. When I walked away he said, “Now Harry to bed, ‘spokojnie spat’ (sleep well) ...” Only, he doesn’t know that you wrote your letter when you were in a bad mood. I hope you’ve come out of it by now. When we’ll be in another camp, I”m going to kiss these moods of yours away. My sweet little bride, keep your spirits up, things will turn out for the better. I kiss you a thousand times Harry Cygan

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