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Harry Haubenstock




Harry wish that they could go to his uncle's together so that everything called camp would come to an end for them. He complains about noise from Guttman's violin and accompanists.

Full Translation

My dearest Salusia. The kind lines you wrote me made me very happy while, at the same time, they don’t. I was happy about them because you wish for the same as I do, but I’m sad because you’re so concerned about the entire mood; you should just all ignore it. Dearest Salusia, I’d be happy if we could go to my uncle together. We would both be well taken care of there and my uncle would be most delighted because he likes me. I hope that everything called “camp” will come to an end for us. I would be so happy if we could live on own for our love. You have no idea how concerned I am about your worries because you won’t eat and you I

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