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Letter #


Harry Haubenstock




Nerves completely wrecked. Trying to get them back together. Sent her parcel. Dearest little bride.

Full Translation

Dearest, precious Sala, Again, I’m trying to write you a few lines, hoping that they will get to you. Even though we haven’t been together for tong time, I’m not giving up to work on your coming back to me here and I hope, I will succeed since my best friend is assisting me in this. Dearest little bride, how are you? Where are you working? I only wish that you are well. My nerves are completely wrecked, I’m living in constant worry about your well-being. I hope you received the parcel already. If you can, write me about it. Are you together with your colleagues? Dearest Salusia, I’d be happy to receive a few lines from you, I hope, you will be able to. Dearest Salusia, I’m closing now by kissing you a thousand times and remain, yours. Harry

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