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Harry Haubenstock




Harry hears that Sala has a headache and seems terribly concerned for her situation. He hopes that she gets well, writing, "We have to be healthy and strong to bear all this."

Full Translation

I’ve just been told that you don’t feel well, my little one. What’s wrong with you, hopefully nothing serious? This is a reason for me not to be able to sleep all night. It’s just as well that I’m on duty. I will certainly think of you all of the time. I’m doing that anyway, but at night. I will have more time for that. Mv sweet little Salusia, I’m worried about you because you have a headache again. My most precious to bed and sleep it off, take a powder. If things go well. I’ll come to see you today. How much I’d love to stay over all night to take care of you, you can imagine. Mv sweet little bride, you probably don’t have an idea how boundlessly I love you. I would so much love to take you in my arms now for at least half an hour. I’m so happy that I found you. My little pet, I wish to both of us that you will be well again tomorrow, because we have to be healthy and strong to bear all of this. And your pain is also my pain, there is no selfishness involved with this. My sweet little pet, I wish you a speedy recovery and a good night. I kiss you a thousand times. yours Harry Cygan

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