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Harry Haubenstock




Just received her card of 2/22. Loves to give her stories of who puts her down, Motek, others. Glad you're with Wolf, although it was said that you were too close.

Full Translation

My dearest Salusia. I only received your cherished postcard of 2/22 yesterday. You can imagine how unhappy I’ve been all this time without a message from you, my sweet Salusia. I have great problems writing, but you could write more often, couldn’t you? You needn’t worry about me, I hardly have any free time because I only get home at 6:30 in the evening and then I’m on duty.. I’m looking very well, the work here is generally light. I’m glad that you’re well, only I’m worried because you have to work harder than before. I wrote to you for your birthday, my sweet Salusia, and sent you the photo taken in Gross Paniow. You should know that I had a hard time parting with it. I would also have sent a parcel, only I didn’t know whether you would get it. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the privilege of being together for your birthday. I’m very glad, dear Salusia, that you are together occasionally with Dr. Wolf, so you have at least one acquaintance from Geppersdorf near you. I extend my regards to dear Wolf. It would seem that we have more friends who want the best for both of us than genuine friends…I mean that ironically, of course! People have been trying to tell me a lot about you and Wolf during the time in Geppersdorf. I told them right away that my good opinions and my respect for you, my dear Salusia, cannot be changed… Dearest little Salusia, don’t be angry that I’m writing you all this, but it’s good to know who your friends are. Write me what you need. I will have everything sent to you. You know that nothing is too difficult or expensive for you. My dearest little bride, I still won’t give up hope that I will be able to hold you in my arms soon. I’ve been working feverishly on your transfer. If you were in a men’s camp, I could have gotten you here at once. Salusia, my sweet girl, go on being strong and believe in our love, and we shall be helped somehow. I’m running out of paper, so I will close now. I could go on writing for hours on end. I remain, kissing you a thousand times. P.S.: Many regards to everyone, particularly to your girlfriends, our dear girls from Gross Paniow!! Harry”Gypsy”

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