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Harry Haubenstock




Harry struggles to find out where the girls will go, and regards LF as the key. However, he remains confident that he and Sala will not be separated in the impending transport assignments. He mentions that LF now knows that Sala is Harry's intended bride.

Full Translation

The problems abound, but we will have to withstand them. If only I could get to know where the girls go to I could ask L. F. to keep me here as the crew leader, but that’s not a solution the problem in the long run because the Jews from the West will come here and then only the camp personnel will stay here and we would be back to square one. My sweet Salusia, I hope we will know by tomorrow where the girls will go to. then we will see what is to be done. Then you will have to ask Ragaf: I don’t think that the rumor about the penal transport is true. My most precious Salusia, I don’t think that fate will be so cruel as to separate us. My little bride, now you are my official bride because I told L. F. so. Salusia, precious, don’t be upset, for the time being none of has been assigned to a transport, the rest will fall into place. Tomorrow, I will know more. For now, I wish you a good night and I remain with a thousand kisses, yours Harry Cygan

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