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Letter #


Harry Haubenstock




Harry confronts Sala on her behavior toward him. He claims to be hurt that she went to the post office with another man, that she failed to visit him while he was sick in bed the previous day, and that she acts differently when they are with other people.

Full Translation

My most precious Salusia, We could have spared ourselves last night, if only you were a little more reasonable. Probably you won’t know what upset me so much, but I will explain this to you briefly. I think, after all that happened, it was appropriate of you to even mention to me that you were going to the post office. Then, when I asked you whom you were going with, you didn’t give me an answer. And then I was to hear with whom. I was also hurt that you didn’t come to me yesterday when I was lying sick in bed because I really didn’t feel well. But you wrote me whether I could come to you and I got up right away. I’m always there for you, even when I have to crawl on all fours. Then you always behave differently here than in your own room. Here you always give the impression as if you didn’t care for me. I don’t know what you were thinking when you went to the post office with him. I don’t have the intention of making a fool of myself everywhere. In addition, you remarked in the end that you were going to sleep there, never mind your remarks about the beating. Dearest Salusia, please think twice whether I’m right or not, you know quite well what these conditions here cost us. Maybe one of these days, you will admit that I’m right. We all have to admit to our mistakes, then we can make them. I kiss you a thousand times, Harry

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