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Harry Haubenstock




Harry continues to hope for some type of domestic life with Sala, wishing that they could go on a transport to Bunzlau or Zwikau together--even though these transports only take men. He is concerned about her nerves, but descrbes himself as deeply troubled, and asks her to send him cigarettes to help him calm down.

Full Translation

I hope, dearest Salusia, that everything will be fine after all and that we will stay together. Still, I think it would be best for us to go on a transport to either Bunzlau or Zwikau, if only girls could go. Salusia, sweet precious one, I will not stop fighting, but they’re working against me. You will probably know who, but I still hope that we will be the winners. I would really like to stay here, I like Janosch very much, only my colleagues who stay are dreadful, but I would adapt. Salusia, my little one, you look awful. I feel so sorry for you because you have so many worries, but I have the same worries. Salusia, when will we finally be at peace and be on our own? It would be more beautiful than we can imagine. I hope it will come soon. Please, dear Salusia, write me today. I’m happy whenever I can read some of your lines. Salusia, mein sweet little girl, can you send me some cigarettes again? I’m smoking so much now because I’m nervous. Salusia, please write, I kiss you a thousand times and remain yours always, Cygan

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