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Letter #


Harry Haubenstock




This letter is Harry's response to Sala's call for him to leave her alone. He explains that the surrounding conditions affected his behavior, and that he subsequently wants to ask supervisor to replace him as crew leader.

Full Translation

My dearest Salusia, I’m so sorry that you got annoyed with me once again. But you should to understand me too. I just can’t bear such conditions and, therefore, I am prepared to ask the supervisor to either replace me as the leader of the crew or to send me to work everyday. I’m asking you to decide on this, since you don’t believe in my promise. It seems that you don’t trust me at all. I only do things in a straight way and that’s why I can’t do my job. When I step back, there will be peace since the others seem to be happy with the conditions. I hope, that you believe me at least that I love you endlessly and that I’m ready to sacrifice everything for my love. Only, I’m hurt that you never believe me. If you consider it necessary to answer me, please write me. I will not disturb your peace after you declared in front of the to leave you alone I remain yours, with many kisses, Harry

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