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Harry Haubenstock




Harry discusses going to a dance at the camp, and how happy is for getting to spend time with Sala. Still, he seems to feel insecure about his relationship with Sala, and asks her if she indeed loves him.

Full Translation

My beloved Salusia, I just came to the camp and there was a ball going on in the auditorium, everyone was dancing and I even danced a waltz with Erna, but that was nothing compared to you. I would have loved to danced with you which Is why I sent for you. Thank you once again for tonight, it was wonderful to be together with you. my sweetie, I feel so happy that I have you, only I’m always afraid of loosing you. I even asked the guard to let me see you again but he refused. Dearest, precious Salusia, I’m so mad at fate for not allowing us to be together all of the time. My sweetie, you don’t know3 I love you, there a word for it. I’m in such high spirits because I know you love me too and I will sleep well tonight. Will you dream of me? Mein little sweetheart, the lights just came on and I’m told to go to the theater but I will go to you with these lines, instead, then I’ll read and then go to sleep. Please write me too. There is something I would like to know from you, that is.,whether you love me!! Write me right away, I am so curious. Salusia, my precious, I kiss you a thousand times, yours Harry

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