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Letter #


Harry Haubenstock




Expecting that LF will put together the transports, Harry muses about being transported to another camp with Sala and setting up a comfortable life with her. He asks Sala if she is comfortable being alone with him.

Full Translation

My beloved, sweet bride, We really saw very little of each other today, but my thoughts and feelings were with you all the time, my sweet Salusia. I just heard that Lojcher will come here only very rarely and that L. F. will put together the transports, but I hope, he’ll help us. Salusia, my sweet pet, going away with you would be the happiest moment of my life. In another camp we might be able to create a position for ourselves, where we could see each other as much as possible. One can live quite nicely in a camp if the conditions aren’t as severe as in Olkusch. It would be nice if you would be there waiting for me when I get home from work in the evening; it would even be nicer if we were really home. We would have nice furniture and just live by ourselves and for our love. My beloved, little pet, would you also be happy to be alone with me? Salusia, my dearest, it would be the nicest thing in the world to be alone with you. Salusia I think we will be assigned to groups [transports] this week and we’ll fight like lions. My sweet little girl, don’t write if you don’t feel like it, I don’t want to bother you. I wish you a good night and kiss you a thousand times. Yours, Harry Cygan

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