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Letter #


Harry Haubenstock


10/1/42 E


Harry apologizes to Sala for failing to write the previous day. He came to visit her after his work shift, but found her asleep. He urges Sala to tell the camp leaders (???) that she came to the camp voluntarilly, and that she has remained there for a long time.

Full Translation

My dearest little Salusia, Don’t be angry that I didn’t write you yesterday, but it was already so late and I just couldn’t go on any longer. I was on duty from 10-12, I came [into your room] but I didn’t want to wake you. Sweet little Salusia, I am in such a good mood today, I can’t imagine at all that anything can happen to us. Something will be arranged for Mila and then things will get easier for us, too. I believe that L.F. will keep his word but it would be great if you could call today already before Lojcher arrives. Salusia, cheer up! You’ll have to tell [them] everything: that you’ve been in the camp for such a long time, that you’ve come to the camp voluntarily, all of this is very important. Salusia, sweetie, we have to stay together, we have to keep hoping in this, then it will come to pass. My dearest Salusia, if you hear something let me know right away. I am very happy to have you and if, God forbid, I should lose you, it would be the most dreadful pain for me. Halma wants the pencil, I remain with thousands of kisses, yours always, Harry Cygan

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